Help your children handle their feelings.

Teach your children the social and emotional skills they need with research-based lessons your family will love.

Lifetime success isn’t built on what you think.

You want to raise a happy and successful child, but how? What if I told you that your child’s success isn’t dependent on the best schools, high academic performance, and an endless schedule of activities?

Research tells us that social and emotional learning and health are the greatest predictors of lifelong relational and professional success, yet most children aren’t learning these skills — either at school or at home.

Meeting Kids’ Needs gives you everything you need to teach your children the social and emotional skills that matter most in building a meaningful life.

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You’ll teach your child skills most adults don’t have.

Meeting Kids’ Needs provides all you need to give your child research-based lessons in:

  • check Forming a healthy body image
  • check Managing challenging emotions
  • check Developing a rich emotional vocabulary
  • check Understanding anger
  • check Establishing a strong sense of worth & identity
  • check Evaluating thinking patterns
  • check Taking time for relaxation
  • check Controlling impulses
  • check Designing healthy habits
  • check Setting and meeting meaningful goals
  • check Recognizing challenging emotions
  • check Navigating technology

“… We should be teaching these life skills to every student.”

– Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., Harvard University
Author, Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence
Co-Founder, CASEL

Interactive play expertly designed to develop your child’s social and emotional skills

Meeting Kids’ Needs lessons are thoughtfully written by Dr. Missy Gryder. As an elementary and university educator who has studied emotional intelligence and worked with children and families for over two decades, Dr. Gryder understands your fears as a loving and caring parent who wants to give your children all you possibly can—and she has the knowledge and expertise to guide you.

You’re already doing so much to set your children up for success in life. One of the best things you can do is provide your children with the social and emotional skills they need, and you can do this right from your own home with Meeting Kids’ Needs.

How does it work?

Meeting Kids’ Needs makes research-based social and emotional learning easy for busy families.

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Enroll now in Meeting Kids' Needs 12 lesson course

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Watch each month's online video for parents

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Enjoy each month's hands-on activity with your child

What are parents saying?

“I’ve worked with children and families for over 30 years, and I know firsthand how much our children need their social and emotional needs to be deeply met. Dr. Gryder’s lessons are terrific! Your children will love them.”

– Marcia Stanton, MSW
Mom of three
Senior Injury Prevention Coordinator
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

“Social and emotional learning is so important, and our kids just don’t get enough. My children — and the children at my school — absolutely love Dr. Gryder’s lessons. I wish every child could experience them!”

– Lina Muñoz, M.Ed.
Mom of four
Elementary School Administrator

“In all my years of ministry, I’ve seen that it’s the relational and connection skills that we so often grow up missing. I’m so glad Dr. Gryder created these beautiful lessons!”

– Brooke Boon
Mom of three
Founder, Holy Yoga

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Testimonial Author Photo
Testimonial Author Photo

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Every month you’ll receive:

  • The latest video training for parents
  • A fun activity to enjoy together with your child
  • Group access to a live chat with Dr. Gryder to personally answer your most pressing questions
  • Ongoing access to a private Facebook group with other like-minded parents

Get live coaching with Dr. Gryder every month.

You’ll receive live group coaching with Dr. Gryder each month as a part of your enrollment in Meeting Kids’ Needs. For over two decades, Dr. Gryder has studied emotional intelligence and meeting children’s social and emotional needs. Her vast knowledge base and expertise is available directly to you each month so you can give your child the very latest in research-based social and emotional learning. Bring your most pressing questions to each coaching session, and leave with practical answers for your family.

Dr. Missy Gryder
Founder, Meeting Kids’ Needs

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We are so confident your family will love Meeting Kids’ Needs that we’d like for you to try a free lesson on us. Then, once you enroll, you’ll receive a new lesson every month for 12 months to help set your child up for lifelong success.

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Research tells us social and emotional learning and health are the greatest predictors of lifelong success.

Yet most children don’t receive the social and emotional learning they need for relational and professional success.  Meeting Kids’ Needs Founder, Dr. Missy Gryder, developed these monthly lessons to give your child the very latest in research-based social and emotional learning.

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Five key areas comprise social and emotional learning—1) self-awareness, 2) self-management, 3) social awareness, 4) relationship skills, and 5) responsible decision making.  It is well documented that there is a direct relationship between learning social and emotional skills in childhood and positive key outcomes in adulthood in education, employment, and mental health.

Children need ongoing, purposeful instruction in social and emotional learning to build life-giving relationships that lead to a fulfilling family life.  Also, employers look for skills beyond traditionally measured intelligence like effective communication, empathy, authentic leadership, and persistence.  These are the differentiators for true professional success.

A recent study at Columbia University showed an $11 return on investment for every $1 spent on evidence-based social and emotional learning programs.  The measurable benefits of social and emotional learning far outweigh the minimal costs (CASEL.org).


At Meeting Kids’ Needs, we want to help eliminate overwhelm—not add to it. Meeting Kids’ Needs lessons are delivered once per month for 12 months, and the content builds over the 12 month period. Delivering content in monthly, bite-sized chunks will help your family to actually complete each lesson and receive the full benefit that research-based social and emotional learning offers.
Meeting Kids’ Needs is designed for children in elementary school, grades kindergarten through fifth; we find that sixth graders benefit from the content as well. The hands-on activities are fun, effective, and readily adaptable for all elementary school-age children.
Not at all! Dr. Gryder has done all of the work for you. As a parent, you’ll watch each month’s video that is designed for adults and then enjoy the corresponding activity together with your child. Dr. Gryder provides a simple plan for you to use for each activity that is fun and easy.
All family members are included in the one low monthly fee of $99 per month for 12 months.
Each month, you’ll receive a new video lesson for parents to watch which details a specific social and emotional learning skill; a corresponding easy-to-follow written lesson plan for a fun project or experience to enjoy together with your child; and a short, inexpensive online shopping list for items needed in the lesson. You’ll also be invited to participate in a monthly live call with Dr. Gryder where your questions on each month’s topic will be addressed. You’ll receive ongoing access to a private Facebook group with other like-minded parents who are committed to their children’s social and emotional learning and health.
Each month’s video for parents lasts between 13 and 25 minutes. For around the time it takes to watch a TED talk, you’ll be updated on an important social and emotional learning topic. Each month’s hands-on activity takes around 30 minutes with your child. Depending on the particular lesson, you may need to order materials from a brief shopping list before enjoying the activity portion with your child.
Of course! You can cancel anytime by emailing us at support@meetingkidsneeds.com. We’re confident, though, that you’ll love your lessons and find great value and benefit for your family!

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