Our Mission

At Meeting Kids’ Needs, the purpose of our work is to help children grow and develop unhindered into the fullness of their unique and precious design.

We live out our purpose by creating research-based educational experiences for children and families that are joy-filled, practical, and easily applicable.  Our primary focus centers on meeting children’s social and emotional needs which are typically under addressed in both homes and in schools.

Our Founder

Dr. Missy Gryder serves as the Founder of Meeting Kids’ Needs and is responsible for creating the learning activities provided for children and parents.  Dr. Gryder brings extensive experience as an educator at both the elementary school and university levels to this important work.  Most recently, Dr. Gryder has focused her professional energies on preventing child abuse as the developer of The Body Safety Box, a research-based educational kit offering children along with their parents, schools, and community groups a series of active, engaging, and age-appropriate learning opportunities to help prevent abuse and its often lifelong consequences.  The Body Safety Box has served children in 36 states and seven countries to date.

Dr. Gryder completed a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Education in Elementary Education from Arizona State University; and her professional interests include social and emotional learning in schools and in homes, positive classroom and school climates, brain-based best classroom practices, and holistic health and wellness.