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Research at Columbia University points to an 11 time return on investment for evidence-based social and emotional learning programs.  

Give your child the human skills most adults are missing—the skills most predictive of relational and professional success in adulthood.

You’ll receive:

  • 12 video lessons created by Dr. Gryder, released monthly, giving you the latest research on each month’s social and emotional learning topic. Dr. Gryder summarizes the research into practical action steps you can use immediately in your home. You’ll also receive directions for a fun, hands-on activity to complete together with your child each month.


  • 12 one-hour live group coaching sessions with Dr. Gryder. One hour of live group coaching is available each and every month for 12 months, and you’ll get answers to your most pressing questions. Sessions are recorded in case you can’t attend live, and you can ask questions prior to the sessions privately if you’d prefer.


  • Access to a private group where you’ll meet a community of other like-minded Moms who value their child’s social and emotional intelligence.

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