Reclaim your family’s holidays.


How would you like to redeem this year and enjoy a lovely family Christmas where everyone gets along?


Help your children handle tough feelings with research-based strategies to manage anger.


Your family’s holidays can be happier!


Join Dr. MIssy Gryder for a free Five Days to Happier Holidays Challenge.


Take just five minutes per day from Monday, December 14, through Friday, December 18, at 1:00 pm MST or watch the replays anytime at your convenience.  



You’ll teach your child skills most adults don’t have.

Over five days, you’ll discover how to:

+ Build your child’s ability to express feelings in a healthy way without yelling

+ Examine your own ways of regulating anger so you can be the parent who genuinely feels calmer during tense times

+ Implement quick techniques anywhere to diffuse tough feelings without meltdowns

+ Become an “emotion scientist” to understand the “why” behind the behavior and meet your child’s real needs

+ Envision your best self as a parent and with your child and make this vision your reality during the holidays


You’re not alone.

This has been the most challenging year any of us have ever had.  All of our normal routines have been disrupted, our kids have been cooped up without their favorite activities, and our stress levels are at an all-time high.  You’re understood and welcomed during our Five Days to Happier Holidays Challenge.  We’re in this together to learn fresh, research-based strategies to end this year in a way that can finally feel good again.

Join Dr. Missy Gryder

Dr. Gryder has over two decades of experience as an elementary school and university educator working with children and families and has devoted her professional energies to best meeting children’s social and emotional needs.  Research tells us that social and emotional learning and health are the greatest predictors of lifelong relational and professional success, yet most of our children just aren’t learning these critical skills–either at school or at home.  Sign up now to teach your children the skills that matter most in building a meaningful life.

See what parents are saying.

Lina Munoz, M.Ed.

Mom of four
School administrator

“Social and emotional learning is so important, and our kids just don’t get enough.  My children–and the children at my school–absolutely love Dr. Gryder’s lessons!  I wish every child could experience them.”

Marcia Stanton, MSW

Mom of three
Injury Prevention Coordinator
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

“I’ve worked with children and families for over thirty years, and I know firsthand how much our children need their social and emotional needs to be deeply met.  Dr. Gryder’s lessons are terrific!  Your children will love them.”

Help your children handle their feelings with research-based social and emotional learning lessons your family will love.

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