The following links and resources offer additional information on issues related to children’s social and emotional learning and health.
CASEL (The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) is the premier organization nationally for social and emotional learning for children in grades kindergarten through twelve.  Their site contains numerous resources that are highly valuable for parents and schools seeking to further the social and emotional learning and health of the children in their care.
Dr. Goleman is a pioneer in the field of social and emotional learning, and his site contains extensive research and resources.  Dr. Goleman is the narrator of a CD for children contained in Building Emotional Intelligence, a book written by Linda Lantieri.  This CD introduces children to a progressive muscle relaxation practice that is beneficial in both home and school settings.
The George Lucas Educational Foundation prioritizes children’s social and emotional learning, and this portion of their site houses resources specifically related to SEL in schools.
The Responsive Classroom approach equally values academic with social and emotional learning in classrooms.  Teaching Children to Care and The Power of Words are books written for teachers that parents will find helpful as well.  Every child should experience a morning meeting at the beginning of each school day to establish positive relational connections; The Morning Meeting Book is an easy-to-implement resource that parents can share with their child’s teacher and principal.